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I want you to vote in the Equus Battle Royal. I mean I really want you to vote. So I’m incentivizing voting đŸ™‚ In this and all subsequent rounds anyone who votes will have their name tossed into a virtual … Continue reading

Equus ARC Giveaway

Cover by Jonathan C. Parrish

T-Shirt Giveaway

Dream Eater is coming out soon. April 4th, as a matter-of-fact. In case you haven’t heard me rave about Dream Eater before, it’s a book by K. Bird Lincoln that I had the pleasure of editing. I love it. Koi … Continue reading

D is for Dinosaur Giveaway

I’m giving away a handful of review copies of D is for Dinosaur. In case you missed it and don’t know what D is for Dinosaur is all about: For the fourth installment of Rhonda Parrish’s Alphabet Anthologies, contributors were … Continue reading

Above and Beyond!

Wow! You guys went above and beyond. My original goal had been $500 and you guys came through in such a phenomenal way that not only did we meet that goal, but we beat it! Thank you SO much! I … Continue reading

2016 Giftmas Blog Tour

Money was tight when I was a kid–for several years my mom was raising three of us on a waitress’s salary and you’ve gotta know that wasn’t easy (I talked about it a bit here). Things are better for me … Continue reading


SIRENS -- cover by Jonathan C. Parrish

Sirens are beautiful, dangerous, and musical, whether they come from the sea or the sky. Greek sirens were described as part-bird, part-woman, and Roman sirens more like mermaids, but both had a voice that could captivate and destroy the strongest … Continue reading

C is for Chimera Cover Reveal

Cover art and design by Jonathan C. Parrish

Earlier this month I sent three potential cover images out to the members of my newsletter and asked them to choose which one would be the cover. The response was overwhelming and the winner, with 75% of the vote is… … Continue reading

Giftmas Giveaway Prize List

This year’s Giftmas Blog Tour contains a giveaway. A pretty freaking big giveaway. We’ll be using Rafflecopter to get entries into the draw and choose our winners, but there are so many prizes I didn’t want to have to try … Continue reading

Menagerie-related News

It’s Friday, and around here that usually means it’s Fractured Friday but we’re going to skip that this week because I have several bits of interesting Magical Menagerie-related news to share. We’re going to have a Facebook party on Tuesday … Continue reading

#ScarecrowSelfies Winner

I’m pleased to announce that the random number generator on Random.org has spoken and the winner of the #ScarecrowSelfies draw and a box of ten copies of SCARECROW is… Drum roll please… Actually, let’s pause a moment to look at … Continue reading