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Translated: Feeders

Nova Fantasia

I woke up today to the wonderful news that my story, Feeders, has been reprinted at Nova Fantasia. Nova Fantasia publishes in Galician so I can’t actually read it, but that’s okay. Galician makes the third language my zombie stories have been published in (English being the first, and Estonian the second) and that makes me ridiculously happy. On the off-chance you can read Galician, you can check out my story here:


On a fun related note, when I went to look at my story (even though I can’t read it), I saw this:


When else is my picture going to be on the same page as Benedict Cumberbatch, Sam Raimi and Rose Leslie’s? LOL Like, never. So I screenshoted it 🙂

Published: Feeders

Bete Noire Issue #12I’m super pleased to announce that my short story, Feeders, has been published in issue #12 of Bete Noire Magazine. Feeders is a fun little story about the zombie apocalypse as told from the point of view of a cat.

I know, I know, everyone does the animal point of view stories. But it’s cute. It really, really is.

Know what else makes me happy? I’m sharing a table of contents with Marge Simon, Bruce Boston, Robert Laughlin, J.S. Watts and loads more talented writers.