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All The Things

Silver Pixie There are so many things going on around here right now. So. Many. It’s really an exciting time for me, but also stressful and anxiety-producing (isn’t that always the way?). Some of the things I get to share are these:

Submissions are open for Fae! After working on Metastasis I really needed a project that was a wee bit on the lighter side and I feel like this is it — plus it gave me the excuse to license lots of fairy pictures to use on my blog posts, and that is always a good thing. If you have an awesome modern fairy story I would very much like to read it. The details and submission guidelines are right here. Some subs are already trickling in and I’m going to start actually reading them tomorrow.

In other editor-y news, the latest issue of Niteblade is out, and it is fabulous. What’s more, because I love the cover so very much, this is going to be a blog entry with not one, but two pictures in it. So, yay!

Niteblade #25 (25! OMG!) is entitled Alice Underground after a fantastic poem by Brittany Warman. The cover and table of contents are here:

Niteblade #25 cover - Original art by Marge Simon, cover design by Jonathan ParrishLady Mary Speaks of Dreams by Sandi Leibowitz
With The Band by Carl Barker
Bitter Mnemosyne by Sara Norja
Jonesy by Evan Purcell
Alice Underground by Brittany Warman
Starry Night by David Luntz
Le Cirque by Jess Simms
the moon, so low by Dan Campbell
The Kiss of Legend by T.H. Lee
This man by Erik Amundsen
Empire of Ash by Cameron Johnston
Not Too Bold by Shira Lipkin

You can purchase your copy of our latest issue directly from the Niteblade Store, or Amazon (coming soon to Kobo). Each time you support Niteblade with a purchase or donation you make it a little more likely we’ll release our web version of the current issue to the general public to read for free so not only do you get to read a fantastic magazine (if I do say so myself) but you are also making it so other people can too. Win-win, right?

But wait, there’s more!

Quite a while ago Sein und Werden organized an experience with some exquisite corpses and I was pleased to participate. My specific contribution was:

The only blades were lush, verdant. She plunged her fingers down, through them, down like roots into the loam and brought up great handfuls of pungent-smelling darkness. Spread it over her breasts, like oil, while she undulated above, around. Particles spilled from between her fingers and pattered down around her.

Which is a group of sentences I’m ridiculously proud of. But, as much as I adore them all by themselves, they are so much more, well, exquisite, when you read them in context. Check out the “corpse” in its entirety here –> Come The Spring. It’s a  surreal and beautiful thing (I think perhaps, especially the fragment that comes directly before mine). Then, if you liked that you can also read Beetle and The Point of No Return which are two more exquisite corpses which were organized at the same time.