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Scarecrow Names

ScareCROWA couple weeks ago I attended Pure Spec, which isn’t especially noteworthy because I go to Pure Spec every year. What is noteworthy, however, is that this was the first year I got a table in the vendor room, which made this a whole different rodeo. It was interesting to see the con from the perspective of a vendor rather than a panelist or attendee. Interesting and overall positive.

Our* table looked awesome. You’ll have to take my word for this because I managed to forget my camera both days. But it did.

I met some people.

I sold more than enough books to pay for the table.

I got to chat with some friends.

It was great.

My favourite reactions to our table were:

“Wow. That’s a lot of anthologies.” – this from people who didn’t know me

“Wow. I didn’t know you had this many books!” – this from people who did know me

“Can I take a picture of your scarecrow?” – this from people with awesome taste in scarecrows

About the scarecrow. As you can see from my picture of him, he’s a cute little dude. Both a crow and a scarecrow, I feel like he might be a little bit conflicted about his identity, but I love him just the same. I brought him along to Pure Spec and asked people to suggest names for him. Here are some of the suggestions:

  • Jeck
  • Old Joe Croaker
  • Ostif (Outstanding in his field)
  • Bob the Destroyer of Worlds
  • Edgar Allen
  • Dave
  • Tobias, Traitor to all Crowkind
  • Dreadbeak
  • Albert (Albie)
  • Biety
  • Beaker
  • Peckerhead
  • Corey

Which one is your favourite? Or, if none of them, what would you name him?

Speaking of scarecrows, just a quick reminder that the sale for Scarecrow, the anthology, ends on the 8th 🙂


November 8th if you buy SCARECROW at the World Weaver Press website and use code SCARE at checkout you will get 50% off the cover price–for both Ebooks and Paperbacks!

*Jo came with me and set-up and ran the table with me 🙂

A is for Apocalypse on Sale

The launch date for B is for Broken draws ever nearer and to celebrate I’ve reduced the price of the first book in the anthology, A is for Apocalypse!

For a limited time, you can pick up a copy for half price!

A is for Apocalypse edited by Rhonda Parrish, cover design by Jonathan Parrish

“In A is for Apocalypse, the world ends in both fire and ice–and by asteroid, flood, virus, symphony, immortality, the hands of our vampire overlords, and crowdfunding. A stellar group of authors explores over two dozen of the bangs and whispers that might someday take us all out. Often bleak, sometimes hopeful, always thoughtful, if A is for Apocalypse is as prescient as it is entertaining, we’re in for quite a ride.”

-Amanda C. Davis, Author of The Lair of the Twelve Princesses

On Sale Now!

Barnes & Noble

Metastasis is on Sale!

Metastasis Cover FinalFor the entire month of December, Wolfsinger Publications is offering you 25% off Metastasis (and all their other titles too).

If you already have a copy, well, books make great presents, amirite? 🙂


Paperback – Use code 3XFTQXKK
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Don’t forget over 60% of the proceeds from Metastasis are being donated to the American Cancer Society to benefit cancer research.

One last thing? If you’ve read Metastasis, please take a moment to leave an honest review of it at your favourite website for that, Goodreads, Amazon, LibraryThing… Reviews are like cookies for writers and editors, we really, really appreciate them.