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November Desktop

Remember back in August when I shared a screenshot of my desktop, just because I could? Well, I’m doing it again. Because I can.

Hawt Desktop

(Click to make bigger)

I saw that picture when Wil Wheaton blogged about it and it took my breath away, so it became my desktop (Google image search is not being super helpful in telling me who the photographer is >_<). I know that the image you use (or not) is probably the primary focus of any desktop, but I also really like looking at the icons on the desktop, the things in the quick launch bar.

Mine, for example, includes Internet Explorer which I *never* use but can’t freaking get rid of, and then the things I actually do use regularly: Firefox, Thunderbird, World of Warcraft, Dropbox, Write or Die… I’m not sure why Chrome is on there, since I don’t use it either, but maybe it’s from when Dani borrows my computer (it’s hooked up to a printer, hers is not). Steam is a much more recent addition to my quick launch bar, it’s there primarily for the Batman game I bought the other day. I really ought to play that more…

What does your desktop look like? Last time a few people shared with me and I really liked looking at them — show me more 🙂

Apropos of Nothing…my desktop

Do you remember a few years ago there was a meme/trend thing where people were taking screenshots of their desktops and sharing them? No? Well, trust me. In some subcultures of the internet it really was a thing. Honest.

I was thinking about that the other day. I really liked it. I think you can learn a lot about a person based on their desktop. Some people very obviously orchestrated theirs to give a certain impression, but that, too, told me a lot about them. So I thought I’d share my desktop today (and maybe again when it changes, if people are interested) because why not? And also, because I have the best desktop wallpaper ever these days.

This is the desktop of my main computer, which these days I use for both work and gaming because my laptop is on its last legs:

My Desktop (Summer 2013)

This is one of my favourite moments in wrestling ever so Jo was sweet enough to capture the screen from the dvd for me. Cause he’s cool like that.

What does your computer’s desktop look like?