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Happy Father’s Day

I wrote this a long-ass time ago. I’m not even sure when anymore. It was first published like 8 years ago though… so yeah, it’s been a while. Originally it was a drabble but when I opened the file up to copy it into this entry I couldn’t stop myself from cutting a few especially purple descriptions out 😉



Katya hung her blonde head while tears coursed down her sunken cheeks. “I know I’ve given you a hard time – I’ve been an ungrateful brat and always made things difficult.”

A solitary tear trickled out of her eye and captured a sunbeam which made it sparkle like a liquid diamond. “I’m sorry. It doesn’t take DNA to make a father, it takes love. You gave me that.” She sniffed, and looked down at the freshly dug earth. “I love you too, I just wish I’d told you before it was too late.”



Cheerful, no? LOL Sorry, but it’s still the most father-themed piece I have…

Happy father’s day to all the dads out there. I’ve been lucky enough to have two fathers, one I shared DNA with and one I shared a life with. I love them both.