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Fae Cover Reveal Announcement

FAE cover mysteryWorld Weaver Press and I are going to host an official cover reveal for Fae on May 21st. In addition to showing off our fantastic cover, we’ll also be hosting a giveaway of several copies (through Goodreads).

About Fae:

Meet Robin Goodfellow as you’ve never seen him before, watch damsels in distress rescue themselves, get swept away with the selkies and enjoy tales of hobs, green men, pixies and phookas. One thing is for certain, these are not your grandmother’s fairy tales.

Fairies have been both mischievous and malignant creatures throughout history. They’ve dwelt in forests, collected teeth or crafted shoes. Fae is full of stories that honor that rich history while exploring new and interesting takes on the fair folk from castles to computer technologies and modern midwifing, the Old World to Indianapolis.

Fae covers a vast swath of the fairy story spectrum, making the old new and exploring lush settings with beautiful prose and complex characters. Enjoy the familiar feeling of a good old-fashioned fairy tale alongside urban fantasy and horror with a fae twist.

With an introduction by Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman, and all new stories from Sidney Blaylock Jr., Amanda Block, Kari Castor, Beth Cato, Liz Colter, Rhonda Eikamp, Lor Graham, Alexis A. Hunter, L.S. Johnson, Jon Arthur Kitson, Adria Laycraft, Lauren Liebowitz, Christine Morgan, Shannon Phillips, Sara Puls, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, and Kristina Wojtaszek.

If you’d like to participate in the official reveal, please leave a comment to this blog post before May 17th (short notice, I know) and I’ll send you all the information you need by the 19th. Otherwise, just be sure and check back here on the 21st for the official unveiling of the cover and information about how you can enter to win a copy for yourself!

ETA: A friend asked me to explain a bit about what ‘hosting the reveal’ meant, for those people who aren’t familiar with the jargon. Basically, right before the day of the official reveal I will send out a copy of the cover image, a description of the book, links for the Goodreads giveaway, excerpts and all that sort of fun stuff to everyone who signs up to host the reveal. Then, on the day of the reveal all the hosts will post a blog entry with the cover image and whatever other bits of the book information they want to share.

People who don’t have a blog don’t need to sign up, but they can absolutely help still by spreading the word on social media, voting for the book in polls and entering to win the giveaway.

A is for Apocalypse Cover Reveal

“A stellar group of authors explores over two dozen of the bangs and whispers that might someday take us all out. Often bleak, sometimes hopeful, always thoughtful, if A is for Apocalypse is as prescient as it is entertaining, we’re in for quite a ride.”

– Amanda C. Davis, author of The Lair of the Twelve Princesses

A is for Apocalypse edited by Rhonda Parrish, cover design by Jonathan Parrish

It is with great pleasure that I share the image above, the cover for the forthcoming anthology, A is for Apocalypse!

What do you get when you take twenty-six amazing writers, randomly assign them a letter of the alphabet and give them complete artistic freedom within a theme?

A is for Apocalypse

A is for Apocalypse contains twenty-six apocalyptic stories written by both well-known and up-and-coming writers. Monsters, meteors, floods, war–the causes of the apocalypses in these tales are as varied as the stories themselves.

The thing is, that description isn’t being hyperbolic when it describes the varied ways the apocalypse comes about in this anthology. There are so many different causes we couldn’t go the easy route and just put a zombie, an atomic bomb or a massive flood on our cover because any one of those things would leave out more stories than it would encompass. So we went with this image instead. I have a soft spot for corvids, which is one reason they are featured on the cover, but I also thought they gave a nice foreboding feeling that went well with the dead grass and the sun setting (on the world! Dun dun dun!).

I also wanted to include all the contributors names on the cover, and set up a style which we’d be able to continue for all 26 books in this series. I feel like we accomplished that, and this cover will stand on its own as well as flow together with the rest of the titles in the series. I hope you agree 🙂

To help celebrate I’m giving away three ARC copies of A is for Apocalypse. These are physical copies but I am willing to ship them to anywhere in the world. The Rafflecopter draw will run from May 12th to May 19th. On May 20th I will choose three winners and email them in order to get their shipping address. Anyone who doesn’t respond by May 27th will forfeit their prize and I will choose a new winner to receive it. Cool? Cool.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’d also like to take a moment to thank everyone who is participating in this cover reveal with me. There are a lot of you:

~ EbookReviewGal ~ Alexis A. Hunter ~ Simon Kewin ~ Amber Stults ~ Beth Cato ~ Cat Jenkins ~ Sara Cleto ~ C.S. MacCath ~ Sherry D. Ramsey ~ Brittany Warman ~ KV Taylor ~ Steve Bornstein ~ Sara c. Snider ~ Stephanie Faris ~ BD Wilson ~

Also thank you to all the hosts from CBB Book Promotions and Juniper Grove Book Solutions.

In a few days I will be sharing a bit more about A is for Apocalypse (I have super short interviews with some of the contributors and positive blurbs) but for now I hope you’ll take advantage of all the ways you can enter our draw for an ARC of this fantastic book (the cover of which looks even better in reality than on your monitor!).



25 Roses Cover Reveal

While doing the Blogging from A to Z Challenge this year, I ‘met’ Stephanie Faris. She’s pretty awesome, exactly the kind of blogger I always hope to meet during these sorts of challenges. Clever, friendly, interesting. Stephanie writes books for younger readers and her last book 30 Days of No Gossip sounds like a lot of fun–exactly the kind of book I would have read and enjoyed around grade four.

I’m not blogging to talk about it, though. Stephanie has a brand new book coming out, and I’m participating in the cover reveal. So without further ado, I present to you, the fantastic cover for Stephanie Faris’ book, 25 Roses:

25 Roses

Here’s a little bit about 25 Roses:

Valentine’s Day means one thing at Stanton Middle School: students will send each other chocolate roses. Each year, Mia Hartley watches while the same group of students gets roses and everyone else is left out. This year, she decides things will be different. As the student assigned to write names on the cards, Mia purchases 25 roses and writes her own cards, designating them to 25 people she’s personally chosen. But she soon learns that playing matchmaker is much more complicated than she thought it would be.

Congratulations on a fantastic cover, Stephanie. I hope the book is super successful!

25 Roses is coming soon, but if you have some little readers at home (or perhaps you like MG novels yourself) you can also check out 30 Days of No Gossip30DAYSNOGOSSIP (2) which is available now:

Can a middle school gossip queen change her ways, or will she lose her BFF for good? Find out in this M!X original novel.

Maddie Evans prides herself on being the gossip queen of Troy Middle School. She is the first person her classmates go to when they need the latest news on the ins-and-outs of TMS—and Maddie never disappoints.

Her best friend since birth, Vi, isn’t crazy about Maddie’s penchant for passing on rumors, but it’s never been an issue in their friendship. Until the day Maddie lets slip who Vi is crushing on—in front of her crush.

Vi is furious, and she confronts Maddie with an ultimatum: no gossip for 30 days, or twelve years of sisterhood goes down the drain.

Maddie agrees, but only a week into the challenge, she gets one of the juiciest pieces of gossip EVER—something that could affect the future of the school. Will she be able to keep her mouth shut and tame her ways? Or will she be left standing alone with no one to hear her stories?