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Tesseracts Interview

Tesseracts 17Recently the amazing Ms. Colleen Anderson interviewed me about my story, “Bedtime Story” which appears in Tesseracts Seventeen: Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast.

I probably shouldn’t admit this but… I was playing World of Warcraft with some friends when I got Colleen’s email with the interview questions in it. I alt-tabbed from my game when I got the email notification and read them, then popped back into the game and wailed to my friends, “The questions she’s asking are smarter than I am! Or, at least, they assume I’m smarter than I am!”

I was so intimidated. You have no idea. It fell to poor BD to talk me down (the other friends aren’t writers so…). The thing was, once I got all my insecurities in hand, Colleen’s questions really made me think. Hard. Not just about “Bedtime Story” but about all my writing. Thinking that is sure to make my work stronger in the future, and for that I thank you Colleen.

Tesseracts Interview: Rhonda Parrish

(Did I mention she compared “Bedtime Story” to Peter Pan? ZOMG)