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So this happened…

Jo - Photograph by Rhonda ParrishMe, to Jo: Hey, I have this idea for a short story that I think would be a great project for us to collaborate on.

Jo: What’s that?

Me: *Tells him idea*

Jo: *adds to idea*

Me: *adds more to idea*

Jo: *adds even more to idea*

Me: Um. I’m worried that this has gone from being a short story to being a novel.

Jo: Nah. It definitely hasn’t done that.

Me: No?

Jo: No. It’s got to be a series of novels.


I did a collaborative project recently over on the 2xCreative community on LiveJournal (incidentally, if you use LJ and we aren’t friends there… you know how this ends right? –> Moi On LJ). I was paired up with Dragon-Gypsy who is an artist. She and I had one month to come up with a creative project to do together and both of us were pretty short on time, but not enthusiasm. In the end I wrote a story and she illustrated it. It turned out great, and I enjoyed the collaboration. It was good to have deadlines and work with someone with the common goal of creating something creative and cool. Thank you Mab! You rock.

Click on the image to see go to her Deviant Art page and see the image in a larger size along with all of her other great artwork. 🙂


I’m running down the stairs to the subway, the echo of my heels on stone sounds in my ears like gongs as I descend into the bowels of the city. I hold my dress above the filth I’m walking on like a heroine in some Victorian novel. It’s white; the kind of bright white that exists only for overexposed pictures and weddings. Marc always teased me that I’d be late for my own funeral, but I’d promised to be on time today. Continue reading Late