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New Headshots

I haz headshots.

This is actually super remarkable because these days I don’t like being on that side of the camera, but since I’m being asked for author photos more and more often I sucked it up and got the pictures taken. I’d still rather be the photographer than the subject, but I now have two spiffy new pictures to choose from when someone asks me for an author photo.

Rhonda Parrish

I bought two headshots because I couldn’t decide between them. I thought I was being clever by getting both, but I’ve just realised that having both means instead of having to pick between them once, I now have to make that choice each time someone asks for an author photo. So… kinda outsmarted myself on that one, didn’t I?

Rhonda Parrish

Though, the more I look at them, the more I think I prefer the top one. Danica likes the bottom though so… maybe I’ll just flip a coin each time I need to send one out LoL

That’s not the only internal conflict that comes with these pictures though. When I got them done there were two options for purchasing — the fully airbrushed version, or the one I went with where only the background is re-touched (I dunno though, that background doesn’t seem to have any blemishes that need fixing that I can see LOL). It was not easy to pick the more natural photographs. Not easy at all. In the end I went with them though because while I may not like everything about how I look, well, it is how I look, so what’s the point in hiding from it?

Also? The un-retouched photos were less than half the price of the airbrushed ones. That may have had something to do with my decision too. Maybe.


Photographs by Cindy Gannon