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Holiday Themed Anthologies

Image by © 2000-2009 Dieter Spears

In addition to being an editor and anthologist I occasionally take the form of a writer which means I totally understand that if you write a short story specifically for an anthology you are taking a risk. Depending upon the theme if the story doesn’t make it into the anthology it’s intended for it can be a nightmare to try and place elsewhere. I also understand that, to varying degrees depending on your story, Mrs. Claus is that kind of tricksy anthology.

With that in mind I wanted to gather together a few other anthologies that are currently open to submissions and have a holiday theme. Perhaps some people who submitted unsuccessfully to Mrs. Claus might find a home for their stories here (because I pass on stories for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with quality). And perhaps some people might be inspired to write something new for them.

I am in no way affiliated with any of these anthologies and I don’t know anything about them, their editors, or publishers beyond what you can find on the submission pages I link to.


Bon Chance Press — Christmas short stories (romantic elements helpful but not required)

This one takes a different approach than I’ve seen elsewhere. You don’t submit the story but rather a pitch for a story?

Deadline: August 30th


Splickety Magazine — Wreck the Halls

They seem to be looking for funny, heart-warming Christmas stories for this one.

Deadline: September 22nd


Black Heart Magazine — Holiday Hell

Sounds like a bit of a darker take on the holiday theme. Submissions don’t open until the end of June.

Deadline: October 30th


Thank you, Sarena, for helping me track these down. If anyone else knows of any other holiday themed anthologies that are currently open to submissions please let me know, I will be happy to add them to the list!