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Published: The Grotesque

Bete Noire #15My poem, The Grotesque, is in the most recent issue of Bete Noire. I freaking love this cover. I’ve been in a few issues of Bete Noire but this is my favourite cover of them all. It might be my favourite poem too, but that’s a close call. I’m proud of all the works of mine Bete Noire has seen fit to publish.

There’s another cool thing about this issue. I get to share a table of contents with a lot of talented folks, including Marge Simon. Marge and I work together regularly for Niteblade, but we don’t often get to share a table of contents, so that’s just a nice bonus 🙂

Published: Feeders

Bete Noire Issue #12I’m super pleased to announce that my short story, Feeders, has been published in issue #12 of Bete Noire Magazine. Feeders is a fun little story about the zombie apocalypse as told from the point of view of a cat.

I know, I know, everyone does the animal point of view stories. But it’s cute. It really, really is.

Know what else makes me happy? I’m sharing a table of contents with Marge Simon, Bruce Boston, Robert Laughlin, J.S. Watts and loads more talented writers.