T4T: Two Updates

Dear _______,

I’m writing you from camp where I’m very busy writing the first draft of a novel tentatively called Hollow Children, but I thought I’d steal a quick moment away from working on it to bring you a fast Two for Tuesday. This Tuesday I’m going to share two quick updates.

Update #1: Work on Hollow Children is going better than I’d feared *knock wood*. I’m about 6,700 words in and I haven’t started writing yet today. There have been a couple interesting surprises to date in this draft.  The sexual orientation of two characters changed and another character swapped genders. Whee! 🙂

Update #2: May is over and Writo De Mayo with it. I didn’t do very well on staying on track. According to my website my WdM goals were:
– Do the 200 Sit Ups Challenge (beginning on Week Two in Column Two) without straining or otherwise injuring my neck in the process (How’d it go? I kept forgetting. Honestly. I see you rolling your eyes, but I did. However, I was plenty active during May just in general, plus my daughter and I started the Couch to 5k running program, so I’m not going to hate on myself for missing this one)
– Stay on track for W1S1 (How’d it go? I was successful. I finished up a few poems and submitted a bunch of stuff.)
-Write the first draft of at least one new short story (not a poem)(How’d it go? It failed pretty miserably. I have a couple short story ideas I’m working on but nothing near to a completed draft)
-Write the first draft of a query letter for Shadows and get feedback on it(How’d it go? Well, I’m halfway done this one. I got the query letter written, but I haven’t asked for feedback yet)
Get back to the HTRYN course I’m using to revise Twixt (and that I’ve neglected all April)(How’d it go? Well, I did get back on it, which is good, but now it’s back to being neglected for June while I work on Camp NaNo and the Whittakers)
If I’m not successful in finishing up all the prompts for the April Poem-A-Day Challenge finish up any I missed. (How’d it go? Done and done :))





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2 thoughts on “T4T: Two Updates”

    1. Thank you Lisa 🙂 Recently I’ve become distracted with short stories, but I’m looking forward to getting back to the novel 🙂

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