Swashbucking Cats — Nine Lives on the Seven Seas

And thus was an anthology conceived, contracted and scheduled.

Bad news: Submissions don’t open until next year.

Good news: That gives you lots of time to write something pawsome.

p.s. If we knock this one out of the park maybe we can talk the publisher into a Ninja Dogs follow-up 😉


Swashbuckling Cats: Nine Lives on the Seven Seas

If you think cats and water don’t mix, think again.

I’m putting together an anthology full of feisty felines on the high seas! I want pirate cats, and Viking cats. Submariner cats and explorer cats. This book is going to be filled with adventure-loving cats, puns and fun. I want it to be a wild, rollicking ride complete with sword fights, sea monsters, treasure hunting, discovering new worlds and lots and lots of kittehs.

Be careful not to get too caught up in the fun and forget to include a strong plot and detailed characters for your story, though.

I’m a sucker for a great setting, three-dimensional characters and high stakes and if your story elicits real emotion from me–laughter, tears or anything in between–you will have increased your chances of success significantly.

Rights and compensation: Payment: $50 CAD flat fee and a paperback copy of the anthology. In exchange we are seeking first world rights in English and exclusive right to publish in print and electronic format for six months after publication date, after which publisher retains nonexclusive right to continue to publish for the life of the anthology.

Open submission period: June 1, 2019 – July 31, 2019

Length: Under 9,000 words

Publisher: Tyche Books

No simultaneous or multiple submissions.

No reprints.

Canadian spelling, please.






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3 thoughts on “Swashbucking Cats — Nine Lives on the Seven Seas”

  1. “No reprints.”
    Seriously? You think there is a vast treasure trove of CAT PIRATE stories out there that you have to specify no reprints? Space cats, cat detectives, certainly. But pirates? Pretty sure you’ve got yourself an original theme for your original anthology. But of course, I could be wrong…I have learned never to underestimate cat people.

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