I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I spent most of it sleeping to try and head off whatever I was coming down with. It worked, I feel much better today, but I really couldn’t afford the time off. I was already falling behind on schoolwork and a metric craptonne of misc. tasks, and the day not doing them has resulted in my being even more swamped than usual.

One of those misc. tasks on my to-do list is a newsletter for this month. I don’t have time to think or be creative or anything like that, so my solution is to share chapter one of Lost and Found in the newsletter. I think it’s a win-win situation. It rewards my subscribers with an early peek (everyone else gets to see the first chapter on October 4th) and formatting that for the newsletter will take far less time than it usually takes me to put together. Yay!

The newsletter will be going out tonight, when I get back from my critiquing meeting 🙂

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