Alcatraz at Night - Photograph by Rhonda ParrishDear ________,

I’m struggling a bit this week. At first it felt like the beginnings of a slip into depression, but then I figured it out. I’m addicted to exercise.

Don’t get me wrong. I still don’t like exercise, but I’ve gotten to the point that if I don’t do it I’m groggy and unfocused and just plain bleh until I do. Unfortunately it took me until yesterday to figure that out so my week was not nearly as productive as it should have been, and the productivity I did manage to pull off was largely unrelated to my Camp NaNoWriMo project.

Sadly, I also have a lot of commitments this weekend that are going to keep me from being able to play catch up. In fact, they are pretty much guaranteed to make me fall further behind LOL

I’m not giving up though. I’m going to try to sneak some words in this morning before my sister comes over and I’ll steal time away to write whenever I can this weekend too. I expect by Monday I’ll still be significantly behind where I’m supposed to be for Camp NaNo but I’ll keep chugging along. Hey, if I have to I can ‘go to camp’ again in August to finish this up. Every word on the page is a victory, right? Just, ya know, a really small one 😉

And the week hasn’t been all bad by any means. I finished the first draft of a short story (if you call 8,000 words short, I’m tempted not to LOL) and had one of my zombie poems published. So, ya know, not all bad. Not all bad at all 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Struggling”

  1. I so get this post! I walk two miles and day, and boy if I don’t treat my body to that endorphine rush, my creativity usually pays the price. When life totally steals my exercise time, I at least blast a song and dance. Even those few minutes are a good refueling.

    1. I’m back to working out today (after hurting myself), and feeling better for it. Hopefully that trend continues 😉

  2. I didn’t even attempt Camp NaNo this year. It was a catastrophe for me last year.

    So I have come to the conclusion that I work better in the cold darkness of November.

    Whether you finish or not you will still have more words than you started with… does that make sense?

    Stopping by on the Post A To Z Road Trip 🙂

    1. Thanks Chippy, and that makes perfect sense to me. In fact, I just reminded myself of that the other day when I looked at my (dismal) word count and cringed LOL

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