So this happened…

Jo - Photograph by Rhonda ParrishMe, to Jo: Hey, I have this idea for a short story that I think would be a great project for us to collaborate on.

Jo: What’s that?

Me: *Tells him idea*

Jo: *adds to idea*

Me: *adds more to idea*

Jo: *adds even more to idea*

Me: Um. I’m worried that this has gone from being a short story to being a novel.

Jo: Nah. It definitely hasn’t done that.

Me: No?

Jo: No. It’s got to be a series of novels.

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10 thoughts on “So this happened…”

    1. I’m kind of trying to resist the urge to dive right in because I think this one may require some planning before hand, especially to write as a collaborative effort… but I may not be successful LOL At resisting, I mean.

  1. Ha ha, love this! I’ve had similar conversations with a writing buddy. I think we’re on thirteen installments of a serial novel and we’re turning it into a TV show too. If only …

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