Sister Margaret Release Day

Sister Margaret

Today is the day. Sister Margaret is now available as a Coffee Break Selection from Eternal Press. Yay!

>> Click Here to read an excerpt and see how to order <<

Sister Margaret is a short story about a vampire hunter and a half-incubus swordsman who are hired by a priestess to take care of an undead pimp. It’s been called ‘…a gritty tale of cross and double cross’ by one reviewer and received several glowing recommendations from others.

I am so very proud of this story, I hope everyone who buys it loves it and I’ll be watching my Fictionwise ratings (when it becomes available on Fictionwise in a few days) with avid attention. Despite all the good reviews its received I’m very nervous on behalf of ‘Sister Margaret’. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it’s well-received LOL

To celebrate the launch of Sister Margaret I am giving away a free copy to one lucky subscriber to my Newsletter. I’ll be announcing the winner later on today or early tomorrow. I will also be guestblogging over at Fang-tastic Books today and giving away a copy to someone who leaves a comment there. It’s going to be quite a day. 🙂

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