Shades of Green Giveaway

I wanted to think of a fun and creative contest to hold in order to give away a copy of Shades of Green. I really did. The problem was, I totally blanked on fabulous giveaway ideas. Like, completely. I still wanted to give away a copy of the book though, it’s my first physical book, how could I not want to sign and show it off? 🙂

In the end I’ve decided on something very simple. If you reply to this (whether you’re reading it at livejournal or on my blog at with your favorite thing that is a shade of green I’ll enter your name into a draw to win a copy of the book. Easy peasy, right?

So speak up, what do you like that is green? Frogs? Leaves? Key lime pie?

I’ll draw a name on February first, which is the day Shades of Green is officially released 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Shades of Green Giveaway”

  1. My favorite shade of green comes from jade jewelry. I really can’t get enough of that stuff. So pretty!! Also grats on having a physical book!!

  2. I think my favorite thing that is green is my old green silk shirt that I’ve had for years but rarely wear because it’s hand-wash only and I’m lazy like that.

    The book does sound very good, and I might pick it up when I have a spare paycheck again.

  3. Things Sushi likes that are green:
    1. Kiwis. They’re yummy, mainstream enough that most people know what they are, but not so out there that people look at you funny when you’re eating one.
    2. The green bar on the NaNoWriMo site if you hit 50,000 words before getting verified.
    3. Green eggs, but only if they’re dyed green.

  4. I love green eyes, and malachite. And the little green lights on the backs of the servers at work, because they flicker on and off like they are dancing.

  5. Thank you to everyone who entered. I wish I could have chosen more winners but alas, I could only pick one. That one, the random number generator says, is Alexa and her coffee plant 🙂

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