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Revision Hell

All rights reservedOkay, so that’s a slight exaggeration. The thing is, we’re nearly halfway through the month, the month I’m supposed to be dedicating to revisions of Hollow… and I am *so* far from being halfway through revisions. >_<

I have excuses. I really have had a whole bunch of other things going on this month, with Fae, A is for Apocalypse, Niteblade, Waste Not*, life… but if we get to the end of the month and I haven’t got a workable version of this book to send to beta readers, don’t let me use those excuses. Don’t do it. Even if I sound super reasonable. Because though I really have been busy, I’ve also managed to find time to take naps in the morning, or play video games in the evening, read several books…

So, mostly this blog post is a reality check for myself, because apparently I’m in need of that. But it’s also something that, come the end of the month if I’m not where I should be, will keep me from being able to justify that away. Ya know, barring some unforeseen huge disaster, but let’s just hope that doesn’t happen LOL

In more exciting news? Cover reveal for A is for Apocalypse tomorrow!!

*More on this later

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2 thoughts on “Revision Hell”

  1. I’ve found myself escaping in either direction. If I’m supposed to be doing promotional stuff, I’d rather be writing. If I’m supposed to be writing, I’d rather be out signing books and the like. Maybe it’s the writing version of the grass always being greener!

    1. Right?! LOL I’m totally guilty of the exact same thing. You must be right about the reason behind it. Drives me bonkers!

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