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Shiny #4 was reviewed at The Fix and because my story, “Skitter Skitter” was in it, that means it got a review too. I love reviews. Love them. Even negative reviews…as long as they say something constructive rather than just ‘you suck’. Anywho, this was not a negative review 🙂

In Rhonda Parrish’s “Skitter Skitter,” Chloe and Melody are teens assigned to work on a report together. They are investigating a house where a terrible murder took place, and Chloe describes the experience as they make their way in. Parrish does a great job with teen exasperation as Chloe describes their progress, often talking in the purple clichés (“I feel a chill down my spine that touches my very soul”) of teen writing, in spite of Melody’s phlegmatic interruptions.

…and that’s when things bend. The rest will please readers who like the illogic of go-for-the-grue horror.

If you’d like to see the complete review you can see it by clicking here. Yay! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Reviewed at The Fix”

  1. congrats on the review! good reviews are things to be cherished.

    This issue of Niteblade is great. The cover illustration is amazing… only Marge Simon could do something like that. “Oh, Christmas Tree” is a strong story — dark and softly comic at the same time. My favorite poem so far is R.H. Fay’s “My Final Masterpiece.”

  2. Thank you Greg, I was pretty happy with the review.

    I also -loved- the cover Marge did. She is full of awesome 🙂 So was the work in this month’s issue, including your poem 🙂

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