Q is for Quilts

QThis year I’m participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge again. I thought it might be fun to share some of my photography instead of always my words. They say a picture is worth–well, you know what they say 😉

I will try to keep these blog posts short and sweet, while still offering a little bit of insight into each photograph, just for fun.

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Q is for Quilts

Quilting is among the many crafty-type things I enjoy doing. It also happens to start with the letter Q lol so that’s what today’s post is going to be about. These aren’t great photographs, but they are nice quilts that I’ve made over the years. I haven’t any photos of things I’ve done super recently but here are a few from the last decade or so LOL

I made this one for Dani’s grade two teacher. That’s a grade-two sized Danica holding it up, in fact (she’s gonna kill me for this! LoL). One thing I really like about this quilt is that I handpainted all the fabric for it… except the brown for the dog.


I made this quilt as a mystery quilt project… but I can’t remember where I got the pattern from anymore. It’s been a while. Speaking of mystery quilts, though, I run a mystery quilt website where I design and post mystery projects (Jofigure Mystery Quilts). It doesn’t get updated super regularly, but I do what I can. Right now I’m working on a memorial quilt project for my Mom, but I’m painting the fabric for it as well, so it’s taking a while.


Speaking of my mother… I made this log cabin quilt using 1″ scraps that I had left over from other projects. When I got it done I didn’t know what to do with it, but I gave it to my Mom and she finished it (put a back on it, quilted it) and gave it away to charity.


I’ll end with this quilt. I made it for my mother and father-in-law. I have a love/hate relationship with it… I like it well enough, and I love that my in-laws really liked it… but I find it a wee bit too busy for my personal taste. Possibly the best part about this quilt (other than that its recipients liked it LoL) is that the flying geese blocks there (the burgundy triangles on the ivory background) are actually three dimensional.


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18 thoughts on “Q is for Quilts”

  1. That’s amazing that you have this talent! I had no idea. I’m not crafty in that way at all, but I love quilts. My grandma used to make them for me, and sadly, her last one is falling apart. She used to stuff some of hers with pantyhose. Do people still do that?

    1. Well, I hand painted the fabric. I didn’t do anything too complicated or time-consuming for it though, mostly just went for a marbled/textured effect. It worked quite nicely 🙂

    1. My mother and grandmother both quilted as well, so I guess it kinda came naturally to me. It’s really not all that complicated either. If you can sew a straight line, you’re pretty much good to go 🙂

    1. It can be hard. It can also be uncomplicated — it depends entirely on what you’re doing and how much you want to challenge yourself 🙂

  2. What does it say about me that I was going to say I LOOOOOOVVVVE the last one? That’s my favorite of all. My mother-in-law and her mom and I think even her grandmother always made quilts–so we have quilts all over our house. Some aren’t in the best condition. The hubster says I’m not supposed to wash them very often but…I can’t use them if I feel like they haven’t been washed in 6 months!

    1. LOL I know your pain/conflict. I want to use my quilts, not just collect them. I figure if they wear out, well, they wear out. I can always patch them or put a new top on or whatever. Some are sentimental and that’s a little tough too, but I know the people who made them for me would want me to use them, not keep them folded up in a closet or what not. Now, if I had the space to display some of them, that might be different. But I don’t LOL

  3. I love to quilt but haven’t for about a year and a half (since my mom died). I love looking at what other people do- these are great quilts! Painting the fabric sounds very intriguing! 🙂

    1. I haven’t done much quilting in recent years… but I think I may dig out my sewing machine (from beneath the piles of half-done projects) in the very near future.

  4. I was a rabid quilter for a few years. Loved it. All the quilts I made were given away. Guess I’ll have to start up again so I have one for myself. Yours are gorgeous.

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