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Trafficking in Magic / Magicking in TrafficI am ridiculously pleased to announce the publication of my story, Share, in Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic. Ridiculously 🙂

My contribution is about a flesh golem named Share, who is fascinated by blood. I’ve included an excerpt below:

I was working in the kitchen, cutting up vegetables for Master’s dinner. I tilted the blade up to the light and looked at myself in it, then angled it differently to see the flashes of whiteness cast by the overhead florescent bulbs.

I glanced down at the pure white tiles on the floor, shifted the blade so I could see them reflected darkly on its underside.

The tiles were missing something.

I stuck out my thumb and slashed through it with the blade.

A dull thud sounded as my thumb hit the floor. I looked expectantly at the stump attached to my hand. No blood. I peered down at the floor, and the piece of meat that lay there. No blood. Frowning, I bent over and grabbed my thumb from the floor and squeezed it, trying to wring out even a single drop of ruby liquid.


Intrigued? Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic is available at Barnes and Noble and, if you really need to support them, Amazon.


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