Published: Lizabeth

The Glass CoinMy poem, Lizabeth, was published on The Glass Coin yesterday. You can check it out and leave a comment on their webpage:

Lizabeth by Rhonda Parrish

The acceptance letter for this one said “I don’t usually like rhyming poetry but…” I hear that a lot 😉 Also, contrary to the whole theme and point of this poem, I freaking love magpies. Love, love, love them.

This poem began as a warm-up piece. Sometimes when I sit down to write a poem I either have no ideas at all or I have a particular rhythm/rhyme scheme stuck in my brain that I need to purge before I can write. In those cases I just write whatever comes to mind until inspiration strikes or I find a rhythm I like. On occasion the poems I come up with during that process seem good enough to revise and find homes for. This was one of those times.

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