Published: Gopher Season

Photograph by Rhonda ParrishMy super short story, Gopher Season, was published this morning at This story is not speculative in the least, in fact it’s straight out of my childhood.

Also, did I mention it’s super short? It’s super short. It began life as a poem which I then decided worked better as flash.

Enjoy 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Published: Gopher Season”

  1. I could feel the poem at the center of the story. So cool.

    My kids try to catch chipmunks. They call them “guttermunks” because the chipmunks play in the gutters along the roof, then slide down the gutter to the ground. The children wait at the bottom with a net, but those littler burgers are usually too quick. They caught one once, but by the time they walked a few feet, he had chewed a hole through the net and escaped. LOL!

    1. LOL That sounds kinda awesome, mostly, I will admit, because there’s always a happy ending for the guttermonks 😉

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