Publications in 2011
** Many of these links are not appropriate for children. Please click with caution **

Should I Die…, Sex And Murder Magazine, January 2011
Lonliness, Golden Visions Magazine, January 2011
Slippery When Wet, Golden Visions Magazine, January 2001
Obscured, Bête Noire, April 2011
Cover Up, Eclectic Flash, September 2011
White Noise, Zombiefied, September 2011
The Bunker, Dark Chaos, October 2011
Genesis, Dark Chaos, October 2011

Poetry is Intimidating,
Blood and Spades: Poets of the Dark Side, HWA Newsletter, July 2011
Monster Mythbusting: Haitian Zombies,
Dark Moon Digest, Issue #2
Monster Mythbusting: Jaws,
Dark Moon Digest, Issue #3

Something Beautiful, Lulu publishing, June 2011

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