Accepted @ The Flask Review

My flash piece, Not So Smart, has been accepted for Issue #12 at The Flask Review.  Yay. “Not So Smart” is a story that was inspired by a Word of the Week prompt at NaNoLJers.  Again, I find myself surprised … Continue reading

Published @ Barfing Frog Press

Barfing Frog Press — how could I not submit something to an ezine called ‘Barfing Frog Press’?  I sent them a piece I wrote three years ago, before we bought our house.  Unfortunately, it’s based on a true story — … Continue reading

Niteblade Issue One

It’s live! Enjoy!

So Much Good News :)

This week is starting off with a bang — I’ve got reams of good news. First of all, my poem, Cock-a-roach has been accepted and in fact, published at Poets Against War. That’s hardly a ream all by itself though … Continue reading

Fatherhood Published

I just got home from a wonderful vacation to find a contributor’s copy of the latest IdeaGems publication waiting in my mailbox.  My drabble, Fatherhood, was reprinted in it this month.  This marks the third time that particular story has … Continue reading

Published at La Fenetre

Two of my poems, “Ms. Chong’s Room”, which is a rhyming poem aimed at kids in grade two, and “Lazy” a fluffy rictameter that originated in my Poo-a-Tree book, have been published by La Fenetre magazine.  They issue went live … Continue reading

Published @ Static Movement

Oh!  I almost forgot, my haiku titled Sandcastle #5 has been published at Static Movement.  You can check it out here, in fact, please do, I’m rather proud of it 🙂

Wrong Turn Accepted

“Wrong Turn” a short story inspired by the NaNoLJers Word of the Week “Labyrinth” has been accepted for publication at Sorcerous Signals.  That is a wonderful way to start the month of July if you ask me 🙂  I can’t … Continue reading

Fatherhood Shines Again

My drabble, Fatherhood, has been scheduled to make an appearance in the summer issue of IdeaGems.  I will, of course, post a link to it once it’s up and running, but if you just can’t wait you could always check … Continue reading

Sandcastle #5 Accepted

I know haiku aren’t supposed to have titles, but mine do — they need to or I’d have no chance of keeping track of them 🙂 Why am I telling you this? I guess I’m thinking about haiku a lot … Continue reading

Rant Published @ Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k)

My rant, “How To Save The World” was published at Poor Mojo’s today — that squid sure doesn’t waste any time 🙂  Once I get two more pieces accepted there I get a shirt — which I’m really looking forward … Continue reading