Big Bear Published

Big Bear is now live and ready for your reading pleasure at T-Zero.  It’s a funny short story that is actually based on a true story from my days tending bar in Milo, Alberta. Read, enjoy — it’s good, I … Continue reading

A Dozen Things

My incredibly short piece entitled “A Dozen Things” is now published and viewable at Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k).  It’s not -really- fiction…unfortunately.  I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Bondage Whore

My BDSM sonnet, Bondage Whore, has been published at Oysters & Chocolate 🙂  I’m really quite impressed with Oysters & Chocolate and hope to see more of my work there in the future…of course, that means I need to submit … Continue reading

A Nice Surprise

When I popped over to SHINE today to check out my poem, Sandcastle #5 that was due to be published there yesterday I got an interesting surprise.  Not only was my poem published, but my WMD drabble was as well.  … Continue reading

Accepted At Poor Mojo’s Almanak

Again the Giant Squid has blessed me with an acceptance 🙂  My uber-short piece, A Dozen Things, will be published at Poor Mojo’s Almanak sometime in the coming days — I’ll keep you up to date and post a link … Continue reading

BondageWhore Accepted

My BDSM sonnet, “BondageWhore” has been accepted at Oysters and Chocolate Erotic — yay!  It’s due to be published in the May 2007 issue, so keep your eyes peeled, I’ll definitely be linking to it once it’s up 🙂


My daughter, who is nine, has recently started writing quite a bit of poetry — and some of it shows promise, especially when she stops trying to force rhymes LOL. Right now I’m just supporting her…if she keeps it up … Continue reading

Trusting Your Audience

I read a lot about trusting your audience and not spelling everything out for them, and I’ve often thought that’s an area I have some difficulty in — I always want to make_absolutely_certain that everything is crystal clear…which, I think, … Continue reading

There’s Always a Catch Accepted

My short story, “There’s Always a Catch” has been accepted at Mount Zion Speculative Fiction — yay!  I’m very excited not only because it’s another awesome publication credit in a great magazine but because part of my payment is a … Continue reading

Big Bear Accepted at T-Zero

“Big Bear” is a flash story I wrote based on my time working as a bartender in little village called Milo.  I worked as a bartender there for a few years (three I think) and in that time I gathered … Continue reading

Vampiric Fluff – Reprinted

Vampiric Fluff has now officially been reprinted.  The April issue of Static Movement has just gone live and it includes my flufftastic iambic tetrameter vampire poem (I just love saying iambic tetrameter, it sounds so pretentious and cool 😉 ).  … Continue reading