Tapestry on Oysters and Chocolate

I just got an email from the wonderful editors of “Oysters and Chocolate” accepting another of my poems for thier site. “Tapestry”, yet another BDSM flavored poem is due to grace their pages in February of 2008. I really love … Continue reading

The Sepultress

I am incredibly proud to have my poem, The Sepultress, in the inaugural issue of New Myths. I think the editor, Scott Barnes, described it incredibly well when he called it “cute and grotesque”. I started writing it when I … Continue reading

Sister Margaret Accepted at Pantechnicon

One of my favorite short stories, that I’ve written anyway, has been accepted at Pantechnicon for their December issue. I’ll be sure and post a link when it goes live. I’m incredibly flattered to have my story reprinted at Pantechnicon … Continue reading

Rough Copy = Done

I finished my NaNoWriMo novel yesterday, and simultaneously finished the rough copy of Blood and Stone. I’m very excited and sorely tempted to start revising it right away — I know, “they” say you should let it sit for a … Continue reading

Accepted @ Shine

I’ve been lucky enough to have two pieces accepted for the January issue of Shine 🙂 My flash piece, “Not So Smart” will be published as will a short and, sadly, true poem called “Coffee”. I will, of course, post … Continue reading

The Doll Published At Burst

The Doll, is now live at Burst. I’m very happy with this story, when you start reading it, it may sound somewhat familiar, a bit like “A Merry Christmas” or “This Year’s Toy” but keep reading — you’ll be surprised, … Continue reading

Wrong Turn Published

My flash piece, Wrong Turn, is now live at Sorcerous Signals. I still like the story, shame about the second sentence though LOL Why is it I never notice these things until after they are published? Eh, my bad. Now … Continue reading

The Sepultress Accepted

Yay! My day had been going steadily downhill then I opened an email from NewMyths.com with the subject “Acceptance”.  My poem, The Sepultress, has been accepted — I think it will be in their inaugural issue December 1st — I’ll … Continue reading

The Whip Accepted

My rictameter entitled “The Whip” has been accepted by Oysters and Chocolate. I’m very pleased.  This is my second poem they’ve accepted and I have plans to write even more erotic poetry “someday” so it’s very rewarding to have what … Continue reading

Accepted At Mississippi Crow

My flash fiction story, Swapped, has been accepted for issue #7 of Mississippi Crow.  Swapped is one of my favorite pieces of flash and I can’t wait to be able to link to it and show it off 🙂

Sex on the Beach Published

My drabble, Sex on the Beach has been published at Shine today. This is my third time and fourth piece featured in Shine and I encourage everyone to go take a look. Also, a good friend of mine, BD Wilson … Continue reading