Athabasca Falls Published

Athabasca Falls. You need to experience it to understand it. You need to feel the spray on your face, hear the thunder of the water and see the insane rapids.  I’ve had more than a view nightmares about it ever … Continue reading

Niteblade #3

#3 is out 🙂 Check it out, you won’t be disappointed, I think it’s the best yet.

Bondage Whore Reprinted

My BDSM sonnet, Bondage Whore, has been re-printed in Issue 9 of Twisted Tongue Magazine. The good news is that the .pdf version of the magazine is free, so you can download it and read, not only my poem, but … Continue reading

Tapestry Published

My kinky poem, Tapestry, went live at Oysters and Chocolate today. O&C have switched to a new format and though I’m usually resistant to change I like this one. They are going to update more than once a month (perhaps … Continue reading

Blood and Stone Revised

I’ve just finished another round of revisions for Blood and Stone and I love it 🙂 Yay! Is it perfect? No, but I think it’s really good and I also think (hope) its as good as it’s going to get … Continue reading

HWA Newsletter

Marge Simon honored me by offering me the chance to guest write the Dark Poetry column for the HWA Newsletter. I was so intimidated, I can’t even begin to explain to you — but I did it. The end result … Continue reading


One day I was sitting at my computer trying to think of a good word to use as the Word of the Week at NaNoLJers. My husband, Jo, suggested I use the word ‘denouement’. He was totally being a smart … Continue reading

Preditors & Editors Poll

It’s Preditors & Editors Poll time 🙂 Please pop on over to and vote for all your favorite novels, authors, poets, artists magazines etc. etc. Niteblade and I are nominated in a few categories and if you feel like … Continue reading

Jim C. Hines

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim C. Hines for Niteblade. We talked a bit about goblins and a lot about princesses. Why? Well, because his brand new novel The Stepsister Scheme just got released today 🙂 My copy was … Continue reading

Anti-Spam Tests

I’m in the process of adding some plug-ins, mostly to try and stop spam but allow me to accept comments. I mention this, really, only because I need a test post to work on and this is it 🙂

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I’m lucky enough to be starting my new year with a bit of flash and a poem at Shine — yay! Coffee, my rictameter about, you guessed it, coffee and Not So Smart are both online now … Continue reading