Layout Changes

I apologize for the site being down briefly this afternoon, I was upgrading the blog script and then playing around with new layouts.  Unfortunately, none of the layouts I liked would accommodate my ‘Pages’ links, and, frankly, I’m too lazy to try and figure out how to incorporate them — for today anyway.

Okay, back to writing.

Accepted @ The Flask Review

My flash piece, Not So Smart, has been accepted for Issue #12 at The Flask Review.  Yay.

“Not So Smart” is a story that was inspired by a Word of the Week prompt at NaNoLJers.  Again, I find myself surprised by the high proportion of WotW stories I’ve written that have found homes in markets, surprised, but happily.  I think I’ll take this as a cue to write some more WotW stories, now all I need to do is fine some “spare” time before November arrives and brings NaNoWriMo with it.

I’ll post a link to the story once it’s published 🙂

So Much Good News :)

This week is starting off with a bang — I’ve got reams of good news. First of all, my poem, Cock-a-roach has been accepted and in fact, published at Poets Against War. That’s hardly a ream all by itself though is it? Nope 🙂

My drabble, “Sex on the Beach” has been accepted at SHINE! and should be published in October -and- my short story, “This Year’s Toy” has been accepted for the next issue of DiddleDog (and is online now).

Lastly, my short story, “Absinthe Eyes” has been accepted for publication at UR-Paranormal in the very near future.

That, surely, counts as reams of good news, don’t you think? 🙂

Fatherhood Published

I just got home from a wonderful vacation to find a contributor’s copy of the latest IdeaGems publication waiting in my mailbox.  My drabble, Fatherhood, was reprinted in it this month.  This marks the third time that particular story has been published, so I think I’m going to stop submitting it for a while.  I really like it, but I think it’s time some of my other stories got a chance to shine. 😉

I write, I edit and I take a lot of naps.

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