Vampiric Fluff – Reprinted

Vampiric Fluff has now officially been reprinted.  The April issue of Static Movement has just gone live and it includes my flufftastic iambic tetrameter vampire poem (I just love saying iambic tetrameter, it sounds so pretentious and cool 😉 ).  … Continue reading

Accepted at SHINE

My poem, Sandcastle #5, has been accepted for publication in the Summer issue of SHINE.  This is the second time this haiku will have been published, which, as you can imagine, makes me very happy 🙂 I’ll link directly to … Continue reading


I just heard back from a publisher who asked me to make a few changes to a story and then re-submit it.  How nerdy is it that that makes me very happy?  How about that I said ‘that that’? 😉

Accepted at Static Movement

My poem, Vampiric Fluff, has been accepted at Static Movement 🙂  I’m not sure when it will be published because they have an automated system for submissions, so I’ve not actually spoken to anyone directly yet.  Yay!  There is something … Continue reading

Submission Tracking Update

I sent an email to Writer’s Market support on March 7th about not being able to add markets any more and on the 9th I got a reply, a very personalized, polite reply. I will share part of that here: … Continue reading

Submission Tracker

I’m going mad trying to find all inclusive submissions tracker.  I used to love the one over at Writer’s Market, but then when they re-did their site they took away the ability to add markets that weren’t in their listings.  … Continue reading

Accepted at Skyline

I wrote a flash piece titled ‘Whatcha Gonna Do?’ that when it was read by a friend was described as “…a biting commentary on modern parenting…”. I was very happy with it, and am even more so now that it’s … Continue reading

Published @ Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k)

My story, A Merry Christmas, has been published at Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k)!  Yay!  You’ve got to love any magazine that is edited by a giant squid, don’t you? 🙂 I’m very happy that my stories based on the Word of … Continue reading

Vampiric Fluff

My poem, Vampiric Fluff, is online at Adventures for the Average Woman.  You should read it — really.  It’s pretty lighthearted and funny.  I wrote it on a lark, but when I re-read it months later I went, ‘Hey, people … Continue reading

And the Machete Falls

I just heard back from Mr. Boven at Twenty3 Magazine regarding which poems of mine he’s accepted.  One of my poems about the genocide in Rwanda, ‘And the Machete Falls’ was accepted and another, far lighter, rictameter entitled ‘Coffee’ is … Continue reading

‘The Whip’ Accepted!

My poem, ‘The Whip’ has been accepted for publication at and ‘Snowflakes’ was accepted there as well. The Whip has not been published anywhere else, but ‘Snowflakes’ was printed in Storyteller magazine a couple months ago. I really love … Continue reading