How To Save The World Accepted

Today I found out that my rant erm, essay, “How To Save The World” has been accepted at Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k). Yay! I really like Poor Mojo’s as a market — they are laid back, funny, and they accept reprints, … Continue reading

Poetry Accepted @ La Fenetre

I’ve had two poems accepted at La Fenetre 🙂  The first is a rictameter called “Lazy” that I wrote one morning chastising myself (bet you can guess what for LoL). The second poem, “Ms. Chong’s Room” is a poem for … Continue reading

The Doll

Another piece of flash fiction a’la moi has found somewhere to call home.  “The Doll” is a very short, but powerful, story that is due to make an appearance in Burst Literary Ezine this fall.  Yay!  You’re going to love … Continue reading

Big Bear Published

Big Bear is now live and ready for your reading pleasure at T-Zero.  It’s a funny short story that is actually based on a true story from my days tending bar in Milo, Alberta. Read, enjoy — it’s good, I … Continue reading

A Dozen Things

My incredibly short piece entitled “A Dozen Things” is now published and viewable at Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k).  It’s not -really- fiction…unfortunately.  I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Bondage Whore

My BDSM sonnet, Bondage Whore, has been published at Oysters & Chocolate 🙂  I’m really quite impressed with Oysters & Chocolate and hope to see more of my work there in the future…of course, that means I need to submit … Continue reading

A Nice Surprise

When I popped over to SHINE today to check out my poem, Sandcastle #5 that was due to be published there yesterday I got an interesting surprise.  Not only was my poem published, but my WMD drabble was as well.  … Continue reading

Accepted At Poor Mojo’s Almanak

Again the Giant Squid has blessed me with an acceptance 🙂  My uber-short piece, A Dozen Things, will be published at Poor Mojo’s Almanak sometime in the coming days — I’ll keep you up to date and post a link … Continue reading

BondageWhore Accepted

My BDSM sonnet, “BondageWhore” has been accepted at Oysters and Chocolate Erotic — yay!  It’s due to be published in the May 2007 issue, so keep your eyes peeled, I’ll definitely be linking to it once it’s up 🙂


My daughter, who is nine, has recently started writing quite a bit of poetry — and some of it shows promise, especially when she stops trying to force rhymes LOL. Right now I’m just supporting her…if she keeps it up … Continue reading

Trusting Your Audience

I read a lot about trusting your audience and not spelling everything out for them, and I’ve often thought that’s an area I have some difficulty in — I always want to make_absolutely_certain that everything is crystal clear…which, I think, … Continue reading