Our Gift To You

Thank you so much for supporting the Giftmas 2018 fundraiser to benefit the Edmonton Food Bank. Together we raised $1,127 which is the equivalent of 3,381 meals!* I am so incredibly proud and grateful — as are all the authors who contributed to this event.

And we’d like to thank you for your amazing support.

Did you miss some of the stories in this advent tour? Well, good news! We’ve gathered them all together into one anthology that you can download for free!

Twenty-five stories offer a treat for every day in December leading up to Christmas. Savour them slowly, or gobble them up all in one sitting, it’s up to you! A man’s soul is broken with a hockey puck, a young cowboy wrangles a semi-sentient iceberg, two grumpy old men scheme up a way to earn some extra Christmas money, a werewolf struggles to find the perfect gift for his girlfriend and a woman breaks up with an alien in this eclectic collection.

Features stories by E.C. Bell, Tiffany Michelle Brown, Stephanie A. Cain, Beth Cato, Kevin Cockle, Julie E. Czerneda, Amanda C. Davis, Lizz Donnelly, Pamela Fernandes, Chadwick Ginther, Kurt Kirchmeier, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Premee Mohamend, Rhonda Parrish, Randi Perrin, Cat Rambo, JB Riley, Alexandra Seidel, Michael B. Tager, Steve Toase, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, J.S. Watts, Cassandra Weir, Amanda Wells and SG Wong.


Download it here for FREE

It will be available there as a free download for the next week — until midnight on December 31st.


If you prefer a paperback copy, or would like to continue to support the Food Bank, you can purchase electronic and paperback copies at the following locations for the next few months:

Paperback (US) (UK)

Amazon (US) (CA) (UK)




All profits from these sales will be donated to the Edmonton Food Bank.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And happy holidays!


*At the time of this posting. This number may have gone up before the fundraiser officially closed



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2 thoughts on “Our Gift To You”

  1. if it is agreeable to you, rhonda, i will make an extra donation to my local food bank in thanks for your Xmas advent anthology.

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