Niteblade’s 2014 Fundraiser


It’s that time of year again, the Niteblade Fundraiser. This is our third fundraiser and like last year we are using IndieGoGo to run it. We have some fantastic perks again this year too, all the usual suspects: books, critiques, cookies and also a couple less common things: your voicemail message recorded by Bill Ratner, goodie packs, choosing our next theme issue…

What’s more, our fundraisers are the only time we have subscriptions available for purchase. $10 guarantees  you the next four issues in your inbox upon their release. That costs less than buying the issues individually and you’re sure to not miss one. We even have a special deal if you and a friend both want a subscription (or you want to give one as a gift, or whatever). Those are offered at an even greater discount — because I want as many eyes on our pages as possible.

There’s 12 days left and we’re just over 30% funded. Why not take a look and see if there’s any perks there that pique your interest — then you can support Niteblade and get something awesome out of it too!

Win/win, dudes.


Niteblade’s 2014 Fundraiser

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