Niteblade #6: Oh, Christmas Tree

The new issue of Niteblade is out and it’s full of awesome.

The cover story this month, appropriately enough, is “Oh, Christmas Tree” by S. Alan Fox. It’s an awesome bit of flash that I guarantee you will not regret reading. In fact, it should be required reading for all flash lovers.

There are, obviously, other great stories and poems in this issue. For example, we’ve another poem by N.C. Whitehead, a poet I’ve become a great fan of, and another by Greg Schwartz whose work I also adore. There are less than thirteen poems in this issue, alas. Not because I wanted to include less, but because poetry submissions are down. If you’re a poet, yes, that was a hint. 😉

The fiction is strong in this issue as well. I’m going to resist the urge to share some of my personal favorites because if I did that I’d feel like I should blurb them…and I can’t write good blurbs for my own work, let alone anyone else’s LoL. Take my word for it though, there are some great stories here that span a vast number of subjects. We’ve got werewolves, zombies, fanatics, body swappers, sadistic children, psychics and more. Really, this issue is full of awesome 🙂

Best of all, perhaps, if you blog, I’m giving away free copies of the magazine. You should check out the Niteblade News blog for details.

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