Mrs. Claus

You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
Mrs. Claus is coming to town…

And now that I’ve got that stuck in your head (sorry, not sorry) I’ve just gotta say, “It’s here! It’s here!” Mrs. Claus is here!

Each anthology is an adventure all its own but this is the first I’ve done that was inspired, at least in part, by a commercial. This commercial:

If you haven’t seen it already give it a watch. I’ll wait.


I love that commercial. Not just because it makes me cry every stinking time (though it does. That particular flavour of sappy cheese always makes me cry) but also because it’s about Mrs. Claus, and she gets to be awesome and independent of Santa.

That is where the seed of the idea for this anthology came from but the stories contained within it are incredibly diverse. Some of the Mrs. Claus’s look and act like Janet McTeer… some most decidedly do not. Some bake cookies, some smoke cigars. Some hunt monsters, some deliver presents to aliens, some are alien, and some enjoy a quiet life in a magical wood. All of them are awesome. Even if I do say so myself :-p

But I’m not actually saying so myself. Check out some of these reviews:

“Parrish (Haunted Hospitals) delivers comfort, joy, and more than a little Christmas spice in this adorable anthology that explores the woman behind the Christmas mythos in various guises, drawing on mythological influences that span the globe.”

Publisher's Weekly

“What a delightful anthology that blends myth, magic and folklore with a healthy dose of reality.”


Goodreads Reviewer

If you like your holidays blended with fantastical paranormal and sci-fi elements combined with a touch of dark holiday magic then this book is absolutely perfect for you.”

Roxanne Rhoads

Author and Reviewer

“Editor Rhonda Parrish performed well, giving readers many different types of females Clauses. These women are not merely takeoffs on the one we have always heard about, but imaginative stories that transform Mrs. Claus into someone else.”

Dee Arr

Goodreads Reviewer

“All of the stories in this collection were creative, diverse, and well written. I never would have guessed that Mrs. Claus could be interpreted in so many different ways or that she could be frightening in one plot and sympathetic in the next. ”


Long and Short Reviews

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