Mrs. Claus’ Favourite Recipes

In my Introduction to Mrs. Claus (which you can read here) I made a point of saying that Mrs. Claus doesn’t just sit around the North Pole baking cookies, but just because she doesn’t only bake doesn’t mean she never does. And food does play an important role in celebrating Christmas (at least for me). With that in mind I invited some of the contributors to Mrs. Claus to write recipes in the voice of the Mrs. Claus from their stories. Over the coming several days I’m going to share those recipes (and short excerpts from the author’s story) here on my blog. There are cookie recipes, fudge recipes and more, uh, savoury recipes too. I hope you’ll pop by over the coming days to take a peek in Mrs. Claus’ recipe book!

December 15 — Baklava (M.L.D. Curelas)

December 16 — Really Good Cookies (Jennifer Lee Rossman)

December 17 — Fianna’s Fudge (Maren Matthias)

December 18 — Raw Lumps of Heaven (Michael Leonberger)

December 19 — Morning Bread (Kristen Lee)

December 20 — Myra’s Christmas Butter Balls (Hayley Stone)

December 21 — Reindeer (Laura VanArendonk Baugh)

It’s gonna be an adventure!

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