Mrs. Claus Christmas Songs #2

Once all the editing for Mrs. Claus was done I asked all the contributors if they had ideas for how we could promote the anthology. Jennifer Lee Rossman, brave soul that she is, offered to write Christmas carol parodies inspired by some of the stories from the anthology. I said if she did that I would feature them on my blog. Because Christmas is meant to be fun and so are parodies 🙂

Over the next couple days I’m going to share some of the resulting songs with you. I hope they’ll make you smile and I’d like to thank Jennifer for all the hard work she put into creating these — Thank you!

None of these songs contain egregious spoilers but they do contain plot points so if, like me, you prefer to go into stories without knowing anything about them, you might want to skip the songs and just pre-order the anthology.

*shifty eyes*

What? I’m just sayin’…


You’d Better Watch Out — To the tune of “O Come All Ye Faithful”

O come, all ye children, orphaned or in danger!
O come ye, O come ye up to the North Pole
Work with the Clauses
Mrs. Claus will care for you
while she helps train the reindeer,
and calculates the Nice list,
and practices carjacking,
and drinking Scotch.


Red to Hide the Blood — To the tune of “Good King Wenceslas”

Monster hunter Mrs. Claus
checking on the reindeer
Awful scene that gives her pause:
all of them are slain, here

Santa begs her not to kill,
but she must protect him
from the things that wish him ill
and that disrespect him


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