Metastasis: It’s Here!

Metastasis Cover - artwork by Jonathan Parrish, Cover design by Carol Hightshoe

Today is the day Metastasis officially goes on sale. I could spend this blog post telling you all the reasons you ought to buy a copy, but I’ve spent months doing that already so instead I’m just going to pass on information about where you can find it and how you can receive a 25% discount 🙂

So many options! If you are ordering an electronic copy prior to October 31, 2013 I suggest using Smashwords or Createspace as I’ve got 25% coupons for both places to share. If you are purchasing a physical copy I can still offer a Createspace coupon but if you live outside the US double check your shipping costs before ordering, sometimes even with a coupon it’s significantly less expensive to order from Amazon.
Paperback – $14.95
Kindle – $6.95

ePub – $6.95

Smashwords — Use coupon code LM63L in order to receive 25% off your order
ePub – $6.95
Kindle – $6.95
PDF – $6.95

Createspace — Use coupon code TGERED9J in order to receive 25% off your order
Paperback – $14.95

All coupons codes expire on October 31, 2013.

Over the coming days I will be sharing short interviews with some of the contributors to Metastasis, I hope you’ll pop back to get a peek into the lives and minds of some of the incredibly talented people behind this anthology.

Please help us spread the word about the release of Metastasis by telling your friends and family, and thank you so very much for your support. It has been amazing.

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