Lost and Found Audio Version

The audio version of Lost and Found is complete.


For anyone who is confused, allow me to explain.

A while back I began giving away my novella, Lost and Found, on my blog a chapter at a time. One of the coolest things about that project (aside from the amazing cover illustration) was that Bill Ratner was recording each chapter in super high-quality audio format. Things happened though, and the audio bits fell a little behind, however, now, they are done!

That’s right.

You can now hear Lost and Found in its entirety as read by Bill Ratner.

If you haven’t listened to it, you need to. Seriously. Here, let me help–this is chapter one:

[audio:http://www.rhondaparrish.com/audio/Chapter1.mp3] ~ Direct Download ~

I have a rule against reading my own work after publication because it drives me crazy. I notice all the story’s imperfections, all the things I want to change, but it’s too late. The audio version of this story is a huge glaring exception to that rule. When I listen to Bill read my words I am filled with so much pride that it brings tears to my eyes. I don’t hear the individual words, the miss-placed commas or the things I could have done better, I just hear the story. And it’s a good story.

At some point I hope Lost and Found will be available in print and/or e-book versions, but in the meantime, I promie you won’t be wasting your time by listening to the audio version.

You can find all the chapters right here –>

Lost and Found

Then, if you need to hear more from Bill (and who wouldn’t?) you can check out his website (http://www.billratner.com) or his Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/BillRatner).

And Bill? Thank you so much. I don’t think I can truly make you understand what a gift this has been for me. You are made of awesome. Truly.


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6 thoughts on “Lost and Found Audio Version”

  1. Well, I’m intrigued! I’m also wishing I knew someone with such a great speaking voice who could read my draft back to me. I never realized what a great way that is to experience the story and see from a different perspective what works and what doesn’t.

    • I am so ridiculously spoiled 🙂 It helps that I’m aware of that, right? So I’m not spoiled rotten?

  2. Very cool. It’s strange hearing someone else reading your words isn’t it? They suddenly sound like they aren’t quite your own any more because the reader delivers them in their own unique way.

  3. Holy cow — this is awesome, Rhonda. I recognize Ratner’s voice from some of the audiobooks I’ve downloaded from the library. Wow. You better believe I’ll be listening!

    • Right? I just… *flails* I am so lucky and so excited. I hope you like the story 🙂

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