LetterMo 2016

LetterMo 2016

I was going to skip LetterMo again this year, but then I saw Amber Stults posting about it and I thought of this:


Right now? I am definitely too busy, and writing letters is pretty much like meditation to me, so I’m going to give it a shot.

I’m also going to cheat as necessary by counting packages of Writing is a Team Sport buttons as letters.

If you’d like a letter drop me a line with your snail mail address (even if you think I already have it*). If you are also doing LetterMo and need someone to write to, drop me a line, I’ll send you my address (and promise to reply to every letter I receive).

LetterMo 2016

*Treena, Beth and Amber, you are exempt from this. I owe you letters already :-p

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