J is for Jo

JThis year I’m participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge again. I thought it might be fun to share some of my photography instead of always my words. They say a picture is worth–well, you know what they say 😉

I will try to keep these blog posts short and sweet, while still offering a little bit of insight into each photograph, just for fun.

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J is for Jo. Jo is my husband and he may or may not appreciate me posting a whack of photos of him on my blog, so I’m going to keep it to just a couple. But c’mon, how could J be for anything else?

Jo is a biochemist who teaches at the University here. A while back I brought my camera to the student lab there to take some pictures of test tubes, centrifuges and other fun things. I also took this picture of him doing science-y things. I call it ‘Game Face’. Because.

All rights reserved by Rhonda Parrish

I feel like this one is kinda self-explanatory 😉All rights reserved by Rhonda Parrish

This is one of my favourites. I took it at Thanksgiving a couple years ago. We’d gone back to southern Alberta (where I grew up) to visit my family.

All rights reserved by Rhonda Parrish

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18 thoughts on “J is for Jo”

  1. Awesome! I finally get to see this infamous Jo character who keeps cropping up in your posts. I think he’d get along well with my scientist friends.

    1. Thank you 🙂

      Yeah, when I briefly lived outside of Alberta I would often complain about how much I missed the sky. People thought I was crazy, but when you grow up with wide open spaces, sometimes even just being in the city can be a little claustrophobic.

    1. Leslie, you saying this made my day. I was feeling kind of down before I saw this comment, but then I was all excited and had to run over and tell Jo what you said LOL Thank you VERY much.

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