I want you to vote in the Equus Battle Royal.

I mean I really want you to vote.

So I’m incentivizing voting đŸ™‚

In this and all subsequent rounds anyone who votes will have their name tossed into a virtual hat. At the end of the round when I announce the equine winner I will also announce a human one. I’ll draw a name from the hat and that person will receive their choice of books from the photo (the two little ones count as one together).

So now, not only does your vote count toward helping one equine rein supreme (sorrynotsorry) but it will also give you a chance to win a kick-ass* book.

Dudes, it doesn’t get much better than that. And it’s so easy. Leave a comment, win a book. Boom! Boom!

Now go vote!


*Yeah I’m biased, but it’s true :-p


Round six winner, Jayne Barnard claimed a copy of Corvidae as her prize


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