In Less Than a Year…

At the beginning of last year Jo, Danica and I made a ‘Good Things Jar’. The idea was that over the course of the year we would write down good things that happened to us and put them in the jar then, at the end of the year, we’d open it up and read all the great things that happened. Our ability to remember to add things to the Good Things Jar was a little spotty, but we did have a dozen or more little pieces of paper in there which we opened up and read over dinner yesterday. It was a lot of fun to relive some of 2013’s little victories.

Just before we had dinner (and thus read through the things in the jar) I learned that Metastasis was the best selling print book for Wolfsinger Publications in 2013.

Let that sink in for just a moment, I’ll wait.

Right. How awesome is that? The best selling print book for 2013! I’m SO pleased.

An interesting thing happened while reading the Good Things Jar notes though. A little piece of paper marked January 2nd said ‘Sold the idea for a speculative cancer anthology to Wolfsinger Publications!’ After we read that Jo said, “Now isn’t that interesting? It went from an idea, to a book, to the best selling print title for your publisher all in a year.”

Isn’t that interesting indeed.

While I’m super pleased to have edited the best selling print title for Wolfsinger Publications in 2013 I’m not done with Metastasis yet. Our sales are good, but they need to be better. They need to be fantastic.

We’ve got a reading coming up with Sandi Leibowitz, Scott Lee Williams, David Sklar and David McLain on February 1st at The Astoria Bookshop (31-29 31st Street in Astoria, Queens, New York City) to start, and plans for more events (online and off).

Can we be the best selling print title two years in a row? Wouldn’t that be interesting? Let’s find out…

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