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I’m giving away a camera

I’m launching my novel, Hollow, on March 24th, and I’m super excited about it… so I’m giving away a camera to celebrate 🙂

A camera is very central to the plot of the book so I thought I’d give one away as a way to celebrate its launch. In the book the camera is a Polaroid, and they are still around, but their film is quite pricey so instead I’m giving away a camera something like this:

The Fuji instax cameras have the same ‘instant’ photo ability that Polaroid Instamatix (like the one in my book) have, but at a more manageable price point.

Plus they look adorable!

It may not be this exact camera (depending on availability at the time the prize is awarded), but it will be very similar and come with a package of film.

How it works:

If you preorder a copy of Hollow and send evidence of that order to me at rhonda.l.parrish@gmail.com I will enter you into a draw to win the camera.

To enter without purchase (or to gain an additional entry into the draw) send me evidence that you requested that your local library order a copy of Hollow.

A winner will be chosen at random on March 24th and announced on or before March 31st (depending on how quickly they respond to my email).

This contest is open to entries from anywhere in the world.

Pre-order your copy:




Are you excited? I’m excited!

Good luck!

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