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I’ve wanted to get a decent camera for a very long time now. I finally did it. I bought a Nikon d60 this weekend. I’m told it’s a pretty good camera for a photography newbie, and I definitely fall into that category since I haven’t used an SLR camera since photo class in junior high. I picked up an extra lens for it (haven’t started playing with it yet) and also an inexpensive digital camera for Danica to use. We’d been talking about getting her a camera for a while now so we could stop buying disposable ones for all the times we wanted her to be able to take pictures and hearing Jay Lake mention an urban photo safari with his daughter spurred me to action.

It was kinda yucky out today so Dani and I had to change our planned expedition to a neighbourhood park and just hang out in the backyard. It worked out pretty well though, we each got to get to know our cameras a bit better and take a few shots. I’m very, very pleased with my camera and I have a few shots to share.


The obligatory dog picture. I was going to start with a shot I took of Dani, but I figured a good ‘Wow! Dog!’ response would grab your attention and hold it while I showed off my beautiful little girl and a bit of our backyard. So this is Atreyu, my dog. We call him Tre. I love him.


Danica, who I also love. Even more than I love Tre, but don’t tell him that. It would make him sad. Dani’s eleven. Maybe it’s just my parental fear talking but she looks older than eleven to me in this picture…and, quite often, just in general.

Crabapple Tree

Our crabapple trees are really spectacular looking this time of year. Sadly I find that I can’t really capture how beautiful they are in any photograph when I try to get the whole tree in it. There are too many lame things like the neighbour’s garage or the powerlines going across our yard that detract…but this picture I love <3

Rowan Tree

The Rowan tree is getting ready to bloom. I really like the orange in the background of this picture…I don’t know why, but I do. For some reason, to me, it makes the photograph.

Dani's Feet

Dani kicked off her shoes to stand on this rock and lean against the fence to get a better angle for a picture she was taking.

Danica 2

I had so much fun, so did she. I’m looking forward to getting to know the camera better and continuing to have photography dates with my daughter.

ETA: I had to go back and shrink the pictures because my layout was squishing them LOL If you want to see a larger version of the picture just click on it 🙂

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4 thoughts on “I Haz PeekChures”

  1. Love your pictures! For the orange, might be that it makes the picture because of the splash of color drawing your eyes to the buds on the tree? 🙂

    Dog pictures good… 🙂 And Danica is a lovely young lady 🙂

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