As part of the Equus Blog Tour I asked all the participants to send their guest posts to me and then I passed them back out to the hosts. Once Cat’s guest post landed in my inbox, however, I knew I wasn’t going to let anyone else host it. This one was mine. Because it made me laugh so hard I cried. For realz.

Allow me to present:

Hello! I am Equus’s most helpful least useful author, Cat McDonald, here to give you an exciting preview of the anthology! I have been conducting an investigation behind the scenes in order to bring you the most accurate journalism, including artistic renditions of some of the anthology’s many exciting horse-friends!

It all started with this:

Rhonda thought I was proposing some kind of huge horse-fight or maybe asking her to intervene in my long-standing rivalry with Chadwick Ginther. But the truth was I was conducting investigative journalism! I had hoped Rhonda would let slip what kinds of horse-friends are in the anthology.

This one was easy because I know which story I wrote. Mine is the story of the sixteen-year-old Kentucky girl and her best friend the huge demon horse. Note: It is a horse and not a moose. I mean, yeah, I did give it antlers, but I thought the effect would be more impressive.

Pat, after a brief exchange in which she implied that I was the demons living in her head, let me know that her story was about a kelpie! I know all about kelpies. The teeth are for dramatic effect. I wonder if they actually do have fangs.

When I told Chadwick he needed an intervention with regards to Norse myth, he replied with a gif of Loki shaking his head and saying “no”.

This picture should also serve as a reminder that babies are precious no matter how many legs they have. I know that horses do not typically use pacifiers, but I couldn’t resist. It matches the diaper.

I think I confused the authors more than they confused me for once. I did figure out that their story is, like mine, a story about fire, but I think they included more dramatic entrances. I resisted the temptation to draw a horse version of the Kool-aid man, mostly because that is way beyond my skills.

You can also definitely tell this one is a horse.

Stephanie McCain actually kind of lost me a little bit. I think maybe in her description I decided the horse had wheels, and after Pat’s drawing I got real into horses with huge horrible teeth. This might be my second-least accurate drawing. (I drew a horse dressed as Carmen Sandiego because Susan MacGregor won’t tell me what her story is about)

I hope you’re all as excited to read these stories as I am! I think drawing pictures has just made me wonder more about what kinds of adventures they have.

Until then, this is Cat signing off, and this has been “Helping Rhonda STARRING CAT”!



…and honestly, if that doesn’t make you want to pre-order Equus I just dunno what will LOL

Cover by Jonathan C. Parrish

Pre-order Equus now:

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