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H is for HDR

HThis year I’m participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge again. I thought it might be fun to share some of my photography instead of always my words. They say a picture is worth–well, you know what they say 😉

I will try to keep these blog posts short and sweet, while still offering a little bit of insight into each photograph, just for fun.

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H is for HDR

I don’t do as much HDR as I’d like (my cameras don’t autobracket so I have to use a tripod to do it “right”) but I do enjoy playing with HDR when I can 🙂

This was the first HDR photograph I created that I liked and it’s still a favourite. The subject is a ‘blooming tea’. It took me a long time to find a composition I liked and by that time the tea had been steeping so long it was really dark, so I actually emptied it out and re-filled the cup with cold water LOL I love the fact that if you look closely at this picture you can totally see my entire kitchen in reflection 😉

All rights reserved by Rhonda Parrish

I love the fact that this is a black and white photograph which is (accurately) entitled ‘Blue Bottles’. Because :-p

All rights reserved by Rhonda Parrish

I took this photograph when I was on a writing retreat at Strawberry Creek Lodge. The experience was amazing and I think the photograph is magical:

All rights reserved by Rhonda Parrish

Pretty, no? 🙂

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15 thoughts on “H is for HDR”

  1. The sky and the water, the clouds and the reflections are just out of this world amazing. This photo should be framed or at the very least submitted into a contest or a gallery!

    1. Aww, thank you. I have a friend who keeps telling me I should enter a photography contest this autumn and I just might…

    1. Thank you 🙂

      HDR is high-dynamic-range imaging. Wikipedia actually has a pretty good article on it ( I think the most standard way of taking HDR photographs is by taking the same picture at three or more different exposure levels and then using software to merge them (so you can get a greater range of light and shadow). That’s how I do it most of the time. In the case of the last photograph in this series though, I cheated. It’s just one exposure that I tweaked using HDR software 😉

    1. Me too! Sometimes it’s a lot of fun to play with the different shades in black and white photos, there can be almost as much variety as with color.

  2. These are just amazing! Makes point and click amateurs like me realize just how much there is to taking and creating truly beautiful photos! Your work is stunning! 🙂

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