Giftmas 2017: The Aftermath

WE RAISED $1,089!!!

Ahem. I mean:

Our fundraiser was an amazing success! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the blog tour, donated to the cause, signal boosted our efforts or took part in any number of other ways. You are all amazing and together we did something crazy awesome.

We raised $1,089 to benefit the Edmonton Food Bank. Since they can stretch that money so that each dollar equals three meals that means we raised 3,267 meals!

Whoot whoot!

If you donated to the fundraiser don’t forget to use the ugly form over here to claim your awesome rewards:

Ugly form to claim awesome rewards

Just because the blog tour is over doesn’t mean the posts don’t persist though. It was a crazy few days so I wanted to bring all the posts together in one place just in case you missed something 🙂


All. The. Blog. Posts:

December 4th:

Introduction to the Blog Tour (Me)

Giftmas Goals (Stephanie A. Cain)

How it Works (E.C. Bell)

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Giftmas (Jennifer Lee Rossman)


December 5th:

Why I Give (Me)

Why I Give (E.C. Bell)


December 6th:

What I Celebrate (Me)

Giftmas Tour Details (Pamela Q. Fernandes)


December 7th:

Dear Santa (Me)

Through the Fog (Beth Cato)

Light Defeats the Dark (Stephanie A. Cain)

Shining a Light to Bring About Change (E.C. Bell)

Shine a Light (Jennifer Lee Rossman)

Shining a Light (Laura VanArendonk Baugh)

Shining Lights I (J.S. Watts)

December 8th:

Lighting Up the Lives of Others (E.C. Bell)

Light of Christmas (Pamela Q. Fernandes)

Belief and Fantasy (Stephanie A. Cain)

Working Together to Help a Stranger (Me)

Shining a Light and SAD (Jennifer Lee Rossman)

Shining a Light During Hard Times (Beth Cato)


December 9th:

Shining Lights II (J.S. Watts)

Doing Something Together (Barbara Tomporowski)

Tolkein, Mars and Christmas (Laura VanArendonk Baugh)

The Opposite of Light (Me)


December 10th:

Stories in the Wintertime (A.J. Wells)

Do We Need the Holidays? (Alexandra Seidel)

Shining a Light (Doug Blakeslee)

White Wine in the Sun (Me)


December 11th:

No Capes! (Me)

No Capes and No Action Figures (Stephanie A. Cain)

No Capes! (E.C. Bell)

Oh! And also, I said on social media that if we raised twice our original goal I would add a stretch goal that was my giving away my ghost story collection, “The Other Side of the Door” (which I haven’t even announced yet) for free. Well, our original goal was $522. Twice that would be $1,044. We raised $1,089. So guess what I’m giving away? More about that later though, for today I just want to focus on what we managed to do together.


Whew! It’s kind of mind-breaking.

Thank you again. Everyone.

I’ll announce the raffle winners tomorrow!

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