Four Fang Review

I’ve never actually met Roxanne Rhoads of Fang-tastic Books but I may love her. She just posted a review of Sister Margaret today in which she gave it four fangs (out of five) and said:

Rhonda Parrish delivers a wonderfully written concise story that will grip you with anticipation. Her characters are strong along with a hidden depth to their personalities. I was surprised at how short the story was but Ms. Parrish wrote it in such a way that there is magic in every word. I am impressed at her ability to pull you in and deliver a satisfying ending. An entertaining story that is wickedly clever!

Is it any wonder I adore her? You can read the full review here if you’re interested. Actually, if you like vampire stories at all it’s well worth checking out her site. She has book reviews (obviously), interviews and giveaways all the time.

In other news, I’m still struggling to keep myself focused for long enough to work on the first draft of any of my big projects these days, so I’ve shifted my focus for a little bit. I’ll be revising my novella THERE in order to send it out to publishers. Hopefully once I get back into the groove of writing every day it will be less painful and I’ll be able to get those first drafts done.

I’ve also just had the full manuscript of one of my Aphanasian novellas requested by the first publisher I queried about it. Keep your fingers crossed for me on this one please.

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